The M2 Wi-Fi router and M2 Hive Wi-Fi system are aimed at giving those devices the speed, control, and range they need across the whole home.


Say Hello to the M2 Hive, say hello to revolutionary Wi-Fi.

The M2 Hive gives you the speed, connectivity, and control that your home Wi-Fi deserves.

Break through walls with our Wi-Fi nodes

Bee nodes are small but powerful devices. Plug into any socket and cover even the largest of homes in stable Wi-Fi.

The World's Most Powerful Wi-Fi System

  • Best throughput

    Full advantage of MIMO with high efficiency throughput in wide band.

  • High Quality Linkage

    Low ECC brought by WHEMS Antenna lowers the bit error rate of data transmission.

  • Stable Performance

    High TIS brought by an innovative transceiver provides the foundation for stable data transfers.

Stay connected

Never again will bandwidth hogging slow you down. Connect dozens of devices in your household and support multiple 8K streaming with Mercku Wi-Fi.

No more dead spots with the world's fastest Wi-Fi connection.