Mercku Connect Mobile App – An IDEA 2021 Awards Finalist

Sep 21, 2021  by Mercku's Marketing Team

The Mercku Connect Mobile App made it to the finals in the Digital Interaction category at the International Designs Excellence Awards (IDEA) – an award series that annually recognizes the very best in design excellence. IDEA sets the standard for examples of exceptional design and is frequently used as a reference when developing new products.

Each year, the International Designs Excellence Awards review thousands of entries submitted by design teams across the globe, making IDEA one of the largest and most widely anticipated annual awards programs in the world.

The Jury reviews each entry across 5 entries.  

  • Design Innovation – How new is the product or service? What critical problem is it solving? How clever is the solution? Does it advance a product category?

  • Benefit to User – How is the user’s life improved through this design? Can they accomplish things not previously possible?

  • Benefit to Client/Brand – What is the business impact of this design? How has leveraging design proven to be a key market differentiator?

  • Benefit to Society – Does the solution consider social and cultural factors? Is it designed/manufactured with sustainable methods/materials?

  • Appropriate Aesthetics – Does the form of the design adequately relate to its use/function? Are the colours/materials/finishes used befitting to its purpose?


Standing with several thousands of brilliant, award-winning designs, we are honoured to have reached the International Design Excellence Award finals with our in-house designed mobile application. As an IDEA Finalist, we have demonstrated the impact our App creates, alongside remote and local control over several WiFi features through its convenient, intuitive interface. We shall continue working with our partners, distributors, and users worldwide towards designing a greater future for connectivity and remote care.

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