Mercku and BlackDice to Provide Enterprise-Grade AI Security Solutions to Secure Home Networks

Sep 29, 2021  by Toktabek, Tim

Toronto, September 29, 2021 – Mercku Inc, a Canadian company providing world-leading home connectivity and telehealth monitoring solutions, and BlackDice, an AI cybersecurity company based in the United Kingdom, announced their partnership to bring patented and seamlessly integrated security solutions to telecom operators worldwide.

At Mercku, we are proud of our industry-leading, 360°connectivity suite and telehealth monitoring solutions,” says Erik Ackner, Head of Mercku North America and Europe. “Our partnership with BlackDice is another step towards our vision for a more connected world, and together, we will build a safer and more secure smart home.

Mercku welcomes BlackDice as their official cybersecurity partner to add even more innovation to Mercku’s award-winning M6 AX Mesh Wi-Fi system. Designed by their Red Dot award-winning product team, the M6 is built with a vision to provide a future-proof platform for deploying advanced services and applications in the industry. With proprietary technology developed by their founders’ decades of expertise in RF technologies, this router aims to be the intelligent center of our home network, providing reliable connectivity and security. Mercku is laser-focused on pushing the boundaries of connected homes and the growing need for better, more proactive cybersecurity.

As more businesses transition to work-from-home and autonomous homes become more relevant in today’s world, a robust Wi-Fi foundation is necessary for providing the ability to simplify and secure their inhabitant’s lives.

“IoT security is a much larger issue than many might think. An astonishing 560,000 new pieces of malware are detected every day, with over 1 billion malware programs out there today,” states Paul Hague, CEO, and Co-Founder of BlackDice. “Four companies fall victim to ransomware attacks every minute, and ransomware has grown from fewer than 5,000 per week in February 2020 to over 200,000 by late April 2021. 82% of IT execs are anxious about WFH security and are looking for a better WFH solution.”

Powered by Mercku’s Wi-Fi 6 M6 router as the platform of home connectivity, BlackDice pushes the limits of cybersecurity using proprietary AI and machine learning technology to ensure that daily online activities are reliably connected and secure. This innovative hardware and software combination provides fast, whole-home Wi-Fi and market-leading cybersecurity and threat detection for the future of work-from-home.



Founded in 2018, BlackDice Cyber are alumni of the GCHQ/NCSC cyber program. BlackDice Cyber defense products are a patented suite of enterprise-grade cyber defense solutions for telecoms operators to deploy to their customers. Combining machine learning threat detection, behavioral analysis, and anomaly detection, alongside device/parental controls and content filtering. BlackDice are at the leading edge of broadband and mobile cyber defense, providing operators with new service opportunities and unprecedented insight into broadband networks and devices, driving ARPU, reducing churn, and building trust between operator and customer.

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Founded in 2017 in Waterloo, Canada, Mercku is transforming how businesses offer smart home and telehealth services to their users. Built on decades of design and engineering expertise, Mercku’s founders have over 450 patents in wireless technology and bring proprietary innovation to the world of connectivity. Mercku’s relentless innovation and thought leadership will transform the IoT and telehealth monitoring space with their latest connectivity-as-a-service suite of hardware, software, and premium features. To learn more, visit their website at

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