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Jun 22, 2022  by Toktabek, Tim



New innovations are continuously entering the Smart Home industry and have led to the ever-increasing growth of the Smart Home market. With approximately 175 million smart homes around the world and an excepted growth of 25% by 2025, Smart Home additions are going nowhere.

Why are Smart Homes becoming so popular? Smart Home devices work together by sharing information and communicating with each other. This means they provide various benefits to the user, including convenience, comfort, and security.

But let’s not forget, at the heart of every Smart Home is a strong Wi-Fi system. Make sure you have your Mercku M6 Mesh System installed to allow your Smart Home to perform at its greatest potential. So, let’s have a look at the top Smart Home trends you need to transform your home in 2022.

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Home Integration

Home integration is a result of smart devices working with one another, connecting from various points around your home, to deliver the ultimate Smart Home experience. For example, if the security camera located outside of your home detects a motion, it will send a signal to your mobile phone to alert you. Integration of your smart devices is therefore essential in a modern-day Smart Home.

Connectivity is central in enabling home integration as it is ultimately responsible for the functioning of all the smart devices in your home, allowing them to communicate and connect with one another easily. Home integration can be extremely beneficial for the user as it creates a streamlined Smart Home system which is easy to use, saving both time and effort.

Artificial Intelligence

As artificial intelligence (AI) standards continue to develop, so too does its ability to support Smart Home advancements. AI has the potential to be integrated throughout the home, in various areas and for various uses. For example, for security, in the refrigerator, updating shopping lists, or turning lights on or off. Therefore, AI is essential in your 2022 Smart Home.

Your Smart Home will provide you with many benefits. However, it will also increase your risk of security threats. AI has the capabilities to protect homeowners and their properties from security threats. AI devices have a variety of features, including facial recognition which can analyze a person and compare it to existing data, to identify who they are. AI can also support home security systems in examining potential threats, providing the homeowner with a well-defined analysis of their property and any potential threats.

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Health Technology

With the increased importance of our health and well-being, the growth in popularity of health monitoring technology in Smart Homes is no surprise. The COVID-19 pandemic caused a surge in smart devices such as thermostats and air purifiers to ensure safety during a health crisis.

The closure of gyms as a result of the pandemic has also resulted in an increase in home exercise, in which smart technology has played a huge role. Products such as Lululemon’s Smart Mirror and Weights have allowed users to bring their gym routines into their homes, transforming home workout abilities. 

Aside from the global pandemic’s push on smart health technology, sleep sensors, such as the Whoop 4.0, are one of the most popular smart home devices for health monitoring. The products track heart rate and body temperature to analyze the users’ sleep and have a gentle alarm which vibrates when it’s time to wake up. The surge in health technology has no doubt transformed their place in the Smart Home.


Technology advancements have resulted in Smart Homes becoming more of an essential than a novelty. So, there is no double that the rest of 2022 will bring further advances and innovations to the existing Smart Home technology you need.

To keep up with the 2022 Smart Technology trends, be sure to install Mercku’s M6 for maximum connectivity at the heart of your Smart Home!

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