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Jul 18, 2022  by Toktabek, Tim

Noise Reduction

Noise reduction technology is a key focus of Mercku’s experts when developing cutting-edge technology for our routers. The Noise Reduction technology is vital for improving Wi-Fi signal quality and connection speeds. But before we jump into noise reduction, let’s have a look at what is noise in networking.

What is noise?

Noise interferes with the signal of your network, affecting its strength and causing poor connectivity and/or dead zones in some areas. The interference is caused by a combination of electrical devices, such as microwaves and cordless phones, and the subsequent ‘fuzziness’ they cause to the output. Noise results in the signal being interrupted, meaning the router is unable to read and understand it, causing connectivity issues. Ultimately, noise is an unwanted section of the signal, causing a disturbance to your network communications.

What is noise reduction?

Imagine you and your friends were at a house party. The house is full of people, all having their own conversations, and you can barely hear yourself think. The police are on their way due to a noise complaint, but because of the amount of noise inside the house, no one can hear them until it’s too late. Imagine there was a way for everyone to continue going on as they are and still be alerted of the police prior to their arrival. This is precisely how noise reduction works! If noise reduction was able to work in this situation. It would have reduced the surrounding noise to allow everyone at the party to clearly hear the police before they arrived, despite the background noise.

Noise reduction is the process of removing noise from a signal to eliminate any potential connection issues. The technology has been developed to reduce the noise coming from surrounding electrical devices, ultimately improving the connection speed you are receiving.

What is the “signal-to-noise” ratio?

Signal to noise ratio (SNR) relates to the measurement of the signal strength from your Wi-Fi router and the surrounding noise level present.

Imagine yourself at the house party again, you’re having a conversation with your friend in the same room, but the room is also filled with other people. These people are talking amongst themselves, meaning you must compete with them to be heard. It doesn’t help that someone has a similar voice to yours, meaning your friend must figure out when you’re speaking versus someone else. This is how SNR works. 

The SNR value is represented as +dBm and should be of a minimum of +25dBm. A value lower than this indicates a high proportion of noise limiting your signal strength. This means your router will be performing poorly, causing low connection speeds.

Why is noise reduction important in mesh systems?

Noise reduction is important in mesh Wi-Fi systems, like all systems, as it allows for higher transmission rates, improving connectivity speeds and transmission distance. Successful noise reduction technology is able to achieve an adequate SNR by reducing the surrounding noise levels, which could influence your devices’ ability to reach your Wi-Fi router.

Mercku’s take on noise reduction

At Mercku, our products have been developed using a wide bandwidth, high-efficiency electromagnetic radiation structure (WHEMS) antenna. This antenna creates enhanced performance on both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. The antenna in our routers is high isolation, low ECC and low PIM, which results in reduced transmission loss caused by noise and low signal distortions.

To make sure you’re able to obtain ultimate Wi-Fi speed with enhanced noise reduction technology, be sure to purchase your Mercku M6 devices. Our Mercku routers are designed like none other on the market to give you the ultimate user experience, whether it is for business, home, or leisure purposes.

For more information on noise reduction and how Mercku achieves it, be sure to check back soon for our next blog in the noise reduction series!


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