[Upcoming Event] Mercku Roadshow 2023

Jan 20, 2023  by Toktabek, Tim


Team Mercku is on its way to You!

Mercku has been successfully supplying seamless Wi-Fi connectivity to more than 65 countries for over six years by introducing ultramodern Wi-Fi 6 routers and a diverse range of value-added services. This year we have decided to take the experience to another level and give physical workshops across Europe again – owing to our successful 2022 Roadshow. As the world rapidly advances towards advanced connectivity and smart homes, we are delighted to share our insights and solutions about Mercku’s mesh Wi-Fi systems.  

Mercku’s roadshow is based upon the concept of ‘Co-Creation’. We are not just here to give you the solution; we are here to enable seamless connectivity. The roadshow will be packed with highly informative sessions on the evolution of the connectivity industry and how our product offerings can ensure a smooth transition to seamless connectivity. It is a platform for industry professionals to network with each other and have one-to-one meetings with a Mercku team member. Got any queries about our products? This is your chance to have a productive, one-on-one discussion to talk about your business.   

Here is a round down of the cities we’re coming to:

  • Trondheim, Norway - Jan 19
  • Stockholm, Sweden - Jan 23-25
  • Oslo, Finland - Jan 26-27
  • Riga, Latvia - Jan 30-31
  • Vienna, Austria - Feb 01
  • Slovakia, Bratislava - Feb, 02

The event will kick off on the 19th of January in Trondheim, Norway, and will cover four other European countries before concluding in Bratislava, Slovakia, on the 2nd of February,2023.

Attend insightful workshops led by our industry experts, Erik Ackner (President, Europe) and Buse Tasbilek (Sales Engineer). The workshop will encompass a brief session covering Mercku and its history, followed by more in-depth discussions on the industry, business, tech, and products. Moreover, we have some interesting giveaways for companies joining us for the event – stay tuned.   

This experience will be fruitful for all attendees, and this learning will surely help them in their journey of advanced connectivity.

Join us for a next-level experience of accelerated Wi-Fi connectivity.


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