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May 17, 2023  by Toktabek, Tim

Mercku and Scansatec are bringing Top-notch Connectivity solutions to Finland. 


May, 2023

Waterloo, Canada & Turku, Finland – March 2023Mercku, a smart home solutions provider, and Scansatec are partnering to bring Mercku’s intelligent connectivity suite to Scansatec patrons in Finland. Scansatec is a leading systems integrator with a mission of delivering the best data and network solutions to its consumers. Scansatec will provide direct access to Mercku’s full range of operator-oriented networking suites to expand its fibre expertise. Mercku’s networking suite encompasses

Being in the industry for over two decades, Scansatec offers end-to-end IP data and video network solutions. As a connectivity expert, Scansatec provides network solutions for optical fibre networks – FTTX, EPON, DOCSIS networks, and Customer Premises Equipment. To complement its mission of providing the best data, Scansatec will officially supply a wide range of high-performance network technology solutions by having Mercku on board. Scansatec will offer Mercku’s robust intelligent Mesh Wi-Fi systems, innovative 5G Customer Premises Equipment and FTTR module.  

Mercku, a Canadian connectivity company, designs and builds networking and smart home solutions for service providers worldwide. Designed by Mercku’s Red Dot award-winning product team, the M6 Wi-Fi 6 mesh series is designed to provide a future-proof platform for deploying advanced services and applications in the industry. With proprietary technology developed by their founders’ decades of expertise in RF (Radio Frequencies) technologies, Mercku’s mesh routers aim to be the intelligent center of home networks, providing reliable connectivity and security. In addition, Mercku is providing the world’s first long-term remote monitoring solution by enabling real-time, accurate, and non-invasive biodata monitoring. The latest introduction to Mercku’s portfolio is the 5G-enabled customer-premises equipment solution, featuring network fail-over capabilities to ensure minimal downtime. Mercku is focused on providing ISP, MSPs, and home users with fast and reliable connectivity.  



About Scansatec   

Founded in 1990, Scansatec offers complete data and video network solutions. Everything is done in-house by Scansatec to ensure optimal experience and satisfaction, from designing the network to installation and after-sales services. Scansatec offers solutions in three key segments: home devices, networks, and video processing. Moreover, Scansatec provides network components, including optical nodes, cables, connectors, and RF amplifiers, as well as complete data networks using connectivity technologies like Fiber, HFC, Ethernet and DOCSIS 3.1. With a panel of seasoned experts on board, Scansatec provides knowledge of optimal signal levels and noise ratios to cultivate the best consumer network. 

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About Mercku Connectivity   

Founded in 2017 in Waterloo, Canada, Mercku is transforming how businesses offer their users smart home devices and services. Built on decades of design and engineering expertise, Mercku’s founders have over 450 patents in wireless technology and bring proprietary innovation to the world of connectivity. Mercku’s relentless innovation and thought leadership transforms the Wi-Fi and smart home space with their latest connectivity-as-a-service suite of hardware, software, and premium features.  


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