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Importance of 5G Back-up | Mercku Connectivity

May 26, 2023  by Mercku's Marketing Team


Why 5G Back-up is important


Backup as a Service solution (BaaS)

Backup-as-a-service (BaaS) is a solution that uses a combination of next generation back-up technologies for detailed reporting and management backed by various service level agreements. A major way of utilizing BaaS is incorporating 5G in your day to day activities.


The Importance of 5G Back-up for Business Internet

What happens when the Internet goes down? Is there a back-up plan that allows for the continuation of operations? How long till the connection is restored?  5G is an excellent back-up for your internet connection! 5G is a wireless solution where installation is quick and efficient; it allows for extreme flexibility and keeps your business online at all times. 5G creates unlimited opportunities for people and businesses as remote working becomes the norm in today’s world. Back-up internet powered by 5G is ideal for business who want to connect with remote employees and branches during cable failure. Due to its superior capacity and resilience, 5G is well-suited for use as a back-up connectivity solution for businesses. .


What is an Internet Failover?

An Internet failover connection essentially creates redundancy so that your business is protected from vulnerabilities associated with a single-connections failure. Wireless failover solutions overcome the challenges of wired failover solutions by ensuring that a business has continuity when their primary network goes down. 5G internet back-up provides businesses with availability, reliability, and bandwidth they need to remain in action. When one of the WAN connections fails, a 5G dual/multi-WAN router will automatically switch to the other connection. This is one of the main advantages of a dual/multi-WAN router. Having failover means your employees are still able to remain connected and productive even if one of the Internet service providers is experiencing difficulties. 5G is an excellent back-up for wired broadband connections, it’s a wireless solution where installation is quick and efficient; it allows for extreme flexibility and keeping your business online.


Can 5G Replace Wi-Fi 6?

5G is the main competitor when it comes to Wi-Fi 6, they are on par when it come to high data speeds, high capacity, and lower latency. Bear in mind they don’t act as a replacement, rather are complimentary in nature; enhancing mobility and keeping devices connected whenever you have Wi-Fi interruptions.



Mercku X6 5G CPE – Our Latest in 5G CPE Tech

As the demand for smoother, faster, and more seamless connectivity grows around the world, the need for reliable internet has become more important than ever.

We at Mercku developed our latest 5G solution for ISPs, MSPs and seamless end-user experience.

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