Elevating Your Gaming Performance with WTFast’s Gamers Private Network (GPN)

Jul 26, 2023  by Toktabek, Tim

How Gamers Private Network (GPN) Improves your Gaming Experience | WTFast x Mercku


Enhancing Your Gaming Experience with Unparalleled Network Performance

In the world of online gaming, network performance and stability are crucial factors that can make or break your gaming experience. Recognizing this need, Mercku, a leading provider of innovative networking solutions, has unveiled its gaming-focused integration in collaboration with WTFast, the renowned network optimization service.

Designed by a Red Dot award-winning product team, the M6a Series Routers are built with a vision to provide a future-proof platform for deploying advanced services and applications, enabling more households to enjoy innovative 3rd party integrations worldwide. Mercku welcomes WTFast as their Quality-of-Service (QoS) partner to provide an improved gaming experience on Mercku’s M6a AX Mesh Wi-Fi system.


How Does Gamers Private Network (GPN) Work?


According to WTFast, Internet infrastructure treats game traffic the same way as all other data. This is where WTFast takes the opposite approach, focusing on the game data first and optimizing your game connection through an intelligent server network to route your game data. WTFast’s GPN (Gamers Private Network) fundamentally differs from any other type of network solution. At the user level down to Network and Transport (Middle Mile) in the OSI layer, WTFast ensures optimal routing and latency reduction, providing users with a better online gaming experience, reduced latency, lower ping, and far fewer lost packets.


Here are some ways this Innovative router will help empower your network:



Reducing Network Latency for Ultimate Gaming Performance

One of the primary features of the WTFast client integration in Mercku’s M6a Routers is its ability to significantly reduce network latency, ensuring that gamers experience a minimal delay during their online gameplay. By leveraging the advanced optimization technology provided by WTFAST, the router minimizes the time it takes for data packets to travel between the gaming device and the game server, which results in faster response times and a smoother gaming experience overall.


Prioritizing Gaming Traffic and Minimizing Congestion

WTFast solution incorporates intelligent network prioritization mechanisms that allow gamers to enjoy uninterrupted gameplay even in congested network environments. Using WTFast integration, Mercku routers can identify gaming traffic and assign it the highest priority, ensuring that it receives preferential treatment over other types of network traffic. This prioritization reduces the chances of experiencing lag, packet loss, or interruptions, providing gamers with a competitive edge during crucial moments.


Constant Monitoring for Optimal Performance

WTFast’s Quality-of-Service (QoS) suite comes equipped with a comprehensive network of traffic monitoring capabilities, enabling gamers to stay informed about their network’s health and performance. Real-time metrics such as network speed, latency, and bandwidth usage are readily available, empowering users to identify and address potential bottlenecks or issues affecting their gaming experience. This proactive monitoring ensures that gamers are always aware of their network’s performance and can take appropriate actions to optimize it.


Enhanced Security and Protection

In addition to its performance-enhancing features, the WTFast client integration strongly emphasizes network security and protection. With the rise of cyber threats targeting gamers, the router includes robust built-in security measures to safeguard sensitive data and protect against possible hacking attempts. This integration ensures additional security and encryption for gamers using Mercku M6a Series mesh Wi-Fi routers.


“In real-world terms, when you normally play the game, your data is often going down slow highways that may be subject to construction or rush hour. With WTFast, your data is on a fast, private freeway with no speed limits – right to the game server! WTFast makes the game connection faster, smoother, and stronger.”


– Rob Bartlett, CEO and Co-Founder, WTFast


Mercku’s gaming-focused integration with WTFast GPN sets a new standard for optimizing network performance and ensuring an exceptional gaming experience. Embrace the future of gaming with Mercku’s M6a Series with WTFast support to elevate your gaming experience to new heights.

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