A Collision of Ideas

The Top Trends from the 2019 Collision Conference

Last week, the Mercku team brought our vision of the Smart Homes of the future to the Collision conference in Toronto. Mercku joined Collision's exciting Growth Summit, to exchange ideas with other high-growth companies from around the world. Here are some of the most noteworthy trends we discovered at Collision 2019:

Gender Diversity is Driving Digital

"Diversity is the engine of invention. It generates creativity that enriches the world." Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivered these words in his opening keynote for Collision, setting the tone for a remarkably diverse conference.

Collision's Women in Tech program succeeded in putting more high profile female speakers and panelists on stage, featuring more female-founded companies and boasting that 45.7% attendees at this year’s conference were women. The success of this initiative at Collision proved that greater diversity in the tech world is not only possible and that the benefits to creativity and collaboration are real.

Tech Tackles Important Social Issues

Over the past year, some of the biggest names in technology have been criticized for ignoring individual privacy rights and the best interests of society in their unchecked pursuit of growth. A chorus of high-profile voices at Collision took Facebook to task as an example of how tech needs to do better. “In a lot of ways, Facebook is too powerful” expressed the company’s former chief information officer in an on-stage interview with tech journalist Kara Swisher. While checking the power of big tech won’t be solved in a single conference, there was no shortage of inspirational companies using technology to address social issues like addiction and mental health, climate change, and poverty while still demonstrating that they can make a profit and attract investment capital while doing good for the world.

The Road to the Future is Paved with Foundational Tech

From the self-driving cars at Waymo to the Augmented Reality visionaries at Magic Leap, the potential of futuristic technologies to transform our most fundamental interactions was on display at Collision. While some of these “future technologies” may seem fantastic and far-off, the most compelling presentations showed how currently available (and comparatively “unsexy”) technology is already paving the way.

“Everything in the world around us is getting smarter” shared Mercku founder and CEO Alex Qi during Collision’s Growth Summit. “We don’t have to look further than our own homes to find the greatest untapped potential for transformation.” Qi shared how Mercku’s vision of IoT-enabled homes that can think and make decisions for their inhabitants is built on a foundation that many of us take for granted – a reliable home Wi-Fi network.

For our team at Mercku, Collision lived up to its name with an astounding volume of intersecting ideas about new markets and applications for our Smart Home technology. We generated new use cases for our revolutionary new Wi-Fi Indoor Positioning System (think indoor GPS to track the locations of people and things across your home) and discovered opportunities for our Mesh Wi-Fi systems to cover entire homes in countries like Costa Rica where reinforced concrete walls would otherwise block the signal.

We're always interested in finding new partners who share our vision that the Smart Home of the future should be elegant, affordable & easy to set-up – and that it’s time to start building it right now. If you’re interested in connecting to Mercku’s partnership team send us an email at contact@mercku.com or fill out the form here.