Director of Growth


The Role:

This role is a connector between marketing, sales and product, focused on growing revenue, attracting clients and investors. As part of the leadership team, the ideal candidate has the potential to lead some of the most important functions of the organization and to drive the company forward. The role requires a high degree of creativity to help us merge all growth functions in a scaling tech company. Day-to-day tasks include leading strategic initiatives in marketing, as well as coordination with sales and product teams. The returns of all of your hard work will lead to immense fulfillment in growing a successful startup.

Why this, why now:

Mercku is at a point of growth, a period where sales have escalated, and new products are launching. This year, we are launching three new products, including cutting-edge products, to disrupt the industry. It’s important to find a leader who can help guide critical areas of the business.

About us:

Mercku merges scientific breakthroughs with the latest technologies to seamlessly enrich daily lives. We develop solutions for businesses and consumers, mostly focused on smart home innovation in the areas of mesh Wi-Fi, in-home security and smart sensors. Hardware and system integration is our strength. When two devices talk to each other, whether Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or sensors, we are confident we can optimize the product to industry-leading performance standards. Mercku has built a foundation and reputation of innovation through working with major telecom providers, wireless companies, and global distributors. We have expanded operations globally, and our award-winning products have shipped to over 45 countries globally.

Our founders are world-renowned experts with more than 480 patents between them. Their designs for smartphone antennas and satellites are foundations for today’s wireless technology. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

What you will do:

  • Focus on bridging the product-market fit and leveraging product/branding to lead a strategic initiative to add value for sales and marketing
  • Position company branding and strategies to align with customers and investors
  • Organize task lists and company health checks to facilitate product development and growth
  • Firefighting obstacles to growth, including H/R, administration, etc

Who we are looking for:

  • 2+ years of experience in successful startups, or professional services (consulting, finance, etc.)
  • Organized, structured, articulate, with a strong command of communication and teamwork skills
  • Analytical and able to disseminate data effectively to make decisions
  • Willing to join a dynamic team and help build a strong culture


Composed of base and bonuses, as well as equity in the company – to be discussed in person

If interested, reach out and send your resume along to