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Re-imagine your business with Mercku’s cutting-edge connectivity and sensing suite to scale your profits and keep your customers happy.

Meet the Team

Erik Ackner

President, Mercku Europe

Andrii Konovalenko

Director of Partnerships

Jay Sheikh

Business Development Manager

Katrina Kwok

Customer Experience Manager

Buse Tasbilek

Sales Engineer

Temirlan Toktabek

Content Marketing Lead

Let’s Build the New Era of Wireless Technology

It’s Mercku’s mission is to make the most advanced and complete networking suite to connect people and information.

That’s why we are a full-stack tech company with in-house award-winning design team, engineering, testing, deployment and support.

Let’s Bring Your Service to the Next Level

Full Connectivity Suite

Advanced hardware, 360° remote management and marketing materials

Create Happier Customers

Award-winning design, true high-performance, user-friendly hardware

Empower your Support team

Full remote troubleshooting with Mercku’s Network Operations Centre (NOC)

Low MOQ and CapEx

Flexible order quantities and unit pricing to help you scale at your own pace

Top Your Competition

Reliable and powerful solution that is fully operator optimized

Endless Customization

Fully white-labeled hardware, web and mobile companion apps and NOC

Mercku for your home

Upgrade to Next-Gen Mercku M2 and M6 Series Routers – the perfect blend of powerful, innovative technology and set-it-forget-it simplicity

Ahead of the Curve

Ground-breaking tech. Relentless Innovation.

Quality. Flexibility. Innovation.

Mercku is built on the foundation of our founders’ decades of expertise (and over 450 patents) in wireless technology, allowing us to be innovation-leaders in the smart living industry.

We’re obsessed with pushing the boundaries of wireless technology to realize our vision to leverage the most advanced technology, building powerful smart home products, to enhance daily life globally.

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Mercku partners in 25 countries (and counting) are beating out the competition and building the future of connectivity

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