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Q1, 2024
M6a v2.1.0 ETA
Nov. 2023
M6a v2.0.8

● Fixed PPPoE issue

● Reduce the packet loss rate

● Fixed Node disconnection issue

● Fixed WAN static IP no internet issue

● Optimized the firmware upgrade sequence

● Fixed Port forwarding issue in PPPoE environment

● Fixed the issue where SSID could not be scanned after upgrade

July. 14 2023
M6a v2.0.4

● One firmware for two models.

● Decrease the frequency to get api server's mqtt certificates.

● Network topology diagram optimization.

● Decrease the frequency that no noc devices access the noc.

● Fixed the issue causing router restarts when accessing certain websites.

● Fixed the issue of internet disconnection when dialing VPN.

● Fixed DNS issues.

June.09 2023
M6a v2.0.3

● Support set the country code at initialization.

● Support for adding devices to NOC without reboot.

● Add steer patch to improve dropping off.

● Bulgarian and Finnish languages are supported.

May. 12 2023
M6a v2.0.2

● Optimize the offline list storage mechanism.

● Update the compilation environment to avoid device disconnection caused by different environments.

● Fixed the problem that devices cannot access the Internet due to CPU overload;
Mar. 20 2023
M6a v2.0.1

● Optimize connected device disconnection issue.

Feb. 02 2023
M6a v2.0.0

● New WebUI

● Bug fixes and performance improvement

Dec. 02 2022
M6a v1.2.5

● Bug fixes

Apr. 22 2022
M6a v1.2.4

● Added on/off LED light switch

● Added configurable Wi-Fi transmission power levels

● UI optimizations in mobile app and WebUI
Apr. 22 2022
M6a v1.2.1
● Support setting more VLAN IDs
● Bug fixes and UI optimizations
Apr. 06 2022
M6a v1.2.0
● Support Wi-Fi Off Schedule
● Support Config backup and restore
● Bridge mode supports more data display
● Bug fixes and UI optimizations
Dec. 31 2021
M6a v1.1.0
● Support adding nodes to Mesh Network
● Bug fixes and UI optimizations