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Dec 02, 2022  by Toktabek, Tim

In our previous blog, we learned in our first noise reduction blog, that noise reduction is the process of removing noise from a signal. Noise reduction aims to eliminate any potential connection issues.

Now that we understand what noise reduction is and how it works, it’s time to learn how we achieve noise reduction in our routers here at Mercku!

How does Mercku achieve noise reduction?

First things first: the layout of our Wi-Fi routers are designed to shield noise and prevent it from interfering with the signal between your devices and the router. The unique antenna design in our Wi-Fi router avoids antenna interference to the hardware circuit board. Our experts here at Mercku have also designed a special power filter circuit which reduces the interference of noise from the network cable to the hardware. Alongside this, a unique network port filter circuit has been designed in the Mercku routers. This technology again eliminates interference between the network cable and the hardware.

The outcome of Mercku’s unique offerings

The design and development of the unique router antenna, power filter circuit and network port filter circuit work together to deliver several noise reduction principles. These principles include cutting off the noise path, meaning noise cannot reach the signal, leaving it unaffected. Sensitive component signals are protected so that even the weakest signals can reach your devices.

The development of the unique technology identified above has allowed Mercku to excel by providing Wi-Fi routers with unbeatable noise-reduction technology.

Mercku’s advantage

A Wi-Fi router’s error vector magnitude (EVM) is a critical metric that evaluates signal transmit quality by analyzing any defects that may influence a signal. Hence, the higher the EVM, the better the signal quality. Therefore, a Wi-Fi router’s ability to reduce noise in a signal is crucial in determining the EVM. Here at Mercku, the transmitted signals from our Wi-Fi routers achieve an EVM of 10dB greater than our competitors.

As a result of our advanced noise reduction technology, the receiving sensitivity of our Mercku Wi-Fi routers is 10dB greater than our competitors. This means your Mercku router can receive even weaker signals without interference. Our Wi-Fi routers also achieve more extensive coverage and increased wall penetration performance due to this.

What benefits does noise reduction provide the user?

Of course, the main advantage you receive from Mercku’s Wi-Fi routers is reduced noise in your area. But let’s have a look at what other benefits this brings you.

The achievement of lower noise in transmitted signals between your devices and router provides various benefits. These benefits will undoubtedly enhance the experience users receive when connected to your network. Signal qualities are also increased, which results in faster transmission rates and stronger signals. Mercku’s Wi-Fi routers work to increase sensitivity, which means your router can achieve larger area coverage, reaching more devices in your area.

What is the future of noise reduction technology at Mercku?

As Mercku continues to achieve advanced technology enhancements in the future, noise reduction will continue to be a huge priority.

Mercku was co-founded by Professor Yihong Qi, a networking science and technology expert. Prof. Qi has achieved a lifetime of success in the technology industry, where his research led to the founding of five independent companies, and worked as an early technology engineer at BlackBerry – building wireless communications tech that is paramount to today’s cellphones. Yihong owns over 400 patents and has focused his expertise on noise-reduction technology here at Mercku – to improve our users’ daily lives worldwide.

At Mercku, we make sure you get ultimate Wi-Fi speed with our enhanced noise-reduction technology. Our Mercku routers are designed to give you the ultimate user experience, whether for business, home or play.

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